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Meet The Team


Santos Kidd

I was adopted at a young age and brought to Hawaii from the Philippines. My father passed away while I was in high school thus I became the primary income earner. Unable to afford college and living paycheck to paycheck, I always struggled to make ends meet financially. It wasn’t until by chance, a financial presentation changed my life. It was there that I learned strategies focused on increasing cash flow and paying down debt. These strategies helped me to put my finances in order and I was able to acquire properties. With the goal to share this knowledge with as many people as possible, I started Sweep Strategies with my business partner in 2009. Since then Sweep has allowed me to live my dream of helping others by educating, motivating and guiding them to reach their financial goals.

Jarrett Osedo

I started as a Sweep Strategies client, two and a half years ago, I never imagined learning and understanding the Sweep Strategy as quickly and thoroughly as I did. Because of the methodology that was created by our President and his Team, it made it easy, enjoyable and rewarding to learn. Now as an Instructor, I can help our clients learn the Sweep Strategies program in the same manner as I did.

Eric Kahalelehua

My primary task is the Sweep Strategies Introduction so I’m fortunate enough to help launch your Sweep Journey. I look forward to working with you; let’s start building your dreams!

Amy Bersamin

I treat my clients’ goals as if they are my own goals. My greatest joy as a Sweep Instructor is when my clients tell me that the heavy weight of their financial burden has been lifted off of their shoulders and they are able to enjoy their lives.

Beth Tapec Lapenia

Administration Manager
I have a background in business management and organizational change. One of my goals as an Administration Manager is to help the administration team create a seamless workflow to better serve our clients.

Justin Mueller

Director, Strategy & Development
I have a 12 year background in banking consisting of time spent here in Hawaii as well as the mainland. You may find me hosting Intro Presentations, coaching clients, developing training material, or strategizing ways to continuously improve our program. At Sweep, I enjoy being part of something different and spreading the word about a financial option that most people don't even know exists.

Pacifico Dumbrique

Senior Instructor
An instructor since 2011, my role is to ensure our clients achieve their goals through a custom tailored Sweep Strategies plan. Using the Sweep Strategies program myself, I have increased my monthly cash flow and lowered my outstanding financial debt. Sweep Strategies has provided me with a financial peace of mind along with knowing my family's financial future will be brighter.

Aaron Awaya

I enjoy helping others and watching others work towards their goals. Having a background in management has given me the experience in developing and coaching people to obtain their goals.

Riley Palafox

Director, Information & Systems Development
I am a former banker with over 25 years of experience in consumer lending, mortgage origination, risk management, IT systems consulting, resource development training and more. I facilitate making our software programs and systems more efficient for our clients' convenience and financial benefit. Your financial success and Sweep Strategies' experience are the most important things to me.

Eddie Onouye

After graduating with a Civil Engineering degree, I worked for a few national companies, served in the US Army, and later spent 15 years as a partner at Locations Inc. I am currently a partner in Hawaiian Ice Co. and Hawaiian Organics which produces Body Mint and Grenades gum. In 2009, Santos Kidd and I started Sweep Strategies, a financial education company whose goal is to improve our clients’ quality of life by educating, motivating and coaching them to reach their financial goals.

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