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Core Values

Our Mission

Sweep Strategies is a financial education company headquartered in Honolulu, HI. Since 2009, we have been changing the lives of individuals and families through financial awareness, enlightenment and support.

Our Philosophy

Sweep Strategies is in the business of building relationships. We diligently work hand-in-hand with our clients, maintaining honesty and respect, to set them up for growth and success.

The Sweep Strategies Team

Over 40 Years of Combined Experience

Eddie Onouye


Fourteen years ago, we successfully paid off our huge mortgage in a remarkably brief period. This inspired me to start Sweep Strategies. Our goal is to educate individuals on financial strategies often neglected in traditional education. Our mission is to foster a fresh perspective on personal finances, empowering people to accelerate debt repayment and increase their cash flow.

Amy Bersamin


My plan was to work two months as a temporary employee at Sweep Strategies. We lost our tenant on one of our rentals so my husband asked me to work a W2 job for a little so he wouldn’t be the only one paying the mortgage. Back then, I was a new Real Estate Agent with very little income. Once I saw how the Sweep program changed the lives of clients so quickly, I couldn’t leave. That was in 2014. Since then, I’ve had the privilege of working with clients from all walks of life. It’s such a priceless feeling to watch our clients celebrate when they achieve their financial goals!

Beth Tapec-Lapenia


I was referred to Sweep Strategies back in 2010 and during my interview I got to see the introductory presentation, and I was blown away! I was a little bitter sweet, because I had two (2) college degrees, a huge student loan, and not enough income to survive. They do not teach these strategies in school, so I knew in my heart that I wanted to be part of this company. What I love most about Sweep is that we have changed so many lives through education and coaching. So, I’m on a mission to share my story.

Pacifico Dumbrique


I came to Sweep Strategies in 2011 after attending an intro workshop and was blown away after realizing how much I was lacking in financial education. I quickly became a client and after seeing results I had the opportunity to be a cash flow coach. I’ve since learned how to purchase more real estate, start businesses and lower my tax bill. It’s amazing when a client leaves a meeting in a much better position than when they first walked in.

Jarett Osedo


My wife and I joined Sweep Strategies in 2013 as clients. At that time, I could not imagine being able to effectively apply what I learned so quickly with their guidance. A year later, I became one of the instructors. I love being able to teach people what I and apparently so many other people were never taught in school. I continue to assist my clients on how to apply the different strategies as their lives and goals change along the way.

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